Drill Pipe

Drill pipe is used to manufacture drill tool. The drill pipe has three main functions. First, transmitting the torque; second, the upper drill tools can bear a part of drill pipe weight, the lower drill tools can put press on drill; and third, drill pipe is used to convey flush fluid, the drill fluid through high pressure line into drill column and flow into bottom hole to scour the cuttings, and then coolant feed drill with cuttings back to the ground through the annular space (between outside surface of drill pipe and borehole), repeating this process, the bottom hole get deeper and deeper until drill into the target zone. We offer both seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe on this product. 

Category Specification Grade Of Steel Standard Application
External diameter
Wall thickness
Drill pipe 60.3-194 4.0-49 26CrMo4S/2, 30CrMnMo, 27CrMo44S, 27CrMo44S/1, 29CrMo44/1, 27CrMo27S, 28CrMo47, 28CrMo, 45VB1340, 37CrMo5/1, 4145H, 42CrMo, 45MnCrMo, 4145HM YB/5052 protocol Drill tool
Note: Anson Steel can design and produce the drill pipe according to the requirements of customers.
ANSON Drill Pipe
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