Cold-rolled Sheet

Anson cold-rolled sheet is applied to the manufacturing industries such as construction industry, light industry, appliance industry, mechanical and electrical industry,  automobile industry, etc. The products of Anson cold-rolled sheet has a high precision of the geometric parameters of its looking figure, a stable performance of the same cold-rolled sheet, and a good quality of its surface. We offer both seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe on this product. 

The standard of cold-rolled sheet

Category Grade Specification Standard
Steel for punching and common usage SPCC Thickness: 0.30-2.5mm
Width: 900-2080mm
Q/HG 009
St12-St13 Q/HG 043
DC01, DC03 GB/T 5213
Steel for deep drawing DC04, DC07 GB/T 5213
St14-St16 Q/HG 043
Carbon structural steel H280VK, ST37-2G, ST44-3G, ST52-3G Q/HG 042
High strength IF steel CR180IF-CR260IF GB/T 20564.3
HC170IF-HC260IF Q/HG 032
BH steel HC140B1, HC180B1, HC180B2, HC180B-HC300B Q/HG 030
CR140BH-CR300BH GB/T 20564.1
DP steel HC250/450DP- HC420/780DP Q/HG 031
CR260/450DP-CR420/780P GB/T 20564.2
Low alloy high strength steel HC260LA-HC420LA Q/HG 033
CR260LA-CR420LA GB/T 20564.4
phosphorus-added aluminum-killed steel HC180P, HC180P2, HC220P, HC220P2, HC260P, HC300P Q/HG 034
TRIP steel CR380/590TR, CR400,690TR, CR420/780TR GB/T 20564.6
Steel special for electrical household appliance SPCC-J1, SPCC-J2, SPCC-J3, SPCD-J2 Q/HG 019
Electrical steel HBW1300, HBW1000, HBW800, HBW600 Q/HG 055

ANSON Cold-rolled Sheet
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