Color Coated Sheet

Color coated sheet has many advantages, such as high strength, strong soundness, good rainproof performance, continuous rolling and high corrosion resistance. Color coated sheet is used in construction industry, with the features of simple construction and lower cost. Color coated sheet is main materials in the design of modern courtyard, large industry plants, large modern airport, large stadium, prefabricate insulation sandwich board. With the development of light industry, transportation industry and ship building industry, the use of color coated sheet from building material extended to other fields like automobile manufacturing, internal decoration of ship, household appliances, furniture, container and cooker, etc. We offer both seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe on this product. 

Color coated sheet standard

Category Steel Grade Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Standard
Common use DX51D+Z 900-1350 0.4-1.5 Q/HG 064
Structural use CGC340, CGC400, CGC440 Q/HG 008

ANSON Color Coated Sheet 1
ANSON Color Coated Sheet 2
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