Hot-rolled Coils and Strips

The main products of Anson hot-rolled coils and strips are plain carbon steel, low alloy structural steel, pipelines steel, steel for vessel, weathering steel, steel for hull structure, steel for automobile frames, steel for vehicle structure and wheels, etc.

The specification of Anson hot-rolled coils and strips: (1.8-25.4)╳(900-2130)mm.

Anson hot-rolled coils and strips are applied to the manufacturing industries such as ship building, automobile industry, bridge building, construction industry, machinery industry, pressure vessel industry, etc. The pipelines steel, which is the core collection of Anson hot-rolled coils and strips has been applied to many major pipeline engineering on a large scale both in China and abroad, such as the second and third West-to-East gas pipeline, Line C of Central Asia-China gas pipeline. We offer both seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe on this product. 

The standard of Anson hot-rolled coils and strips

Category Grade of steel Widthz(mm) Thickness(mm) Standard
Carbon structural steel Q195-Q275 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 GB/T 3274 (GB/T 700) GB 912 (GB/T 700)
Hot-rolled low carbon steel SPHC, SPHD, SPHE 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 006
Steel for general structure SS330, SS400, SS490, SS540 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 005
Pipeline steel L175-L555 A, B, X42-S80 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 054, GB/T 9711, GB/T 14164, API Spec 5L
Steel for oil casing J55 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 049
TG22-TG30 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 060
Steel for automobile frames 370L-700L 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 048
Steel for hull structure A, B, D, A32, A36, D32, D36 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 GL, LR, CCS, ABS, KR, BV
Weathering steel Q295GNH-Q390GNH 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 GB/T 4171
SPA-H 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 024
09CuPCrNi-A 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 059
Q450NQR1 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 056
Low alloy high strength structural steel Q345-Q690 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 GB/T 3274 (GB/T 1591) GB 912 (GB/T 1591)
Steel for engineering machinery HQ460MC-HQ700MC 1000-2000 2.0-16.0 Q/HG 053
Pattern steel plate HQ235 900-1500 2.5-8.0 Q/HG 003
Structural steel for bridge Q235qC (D,E)- Q690 qC (D,E) 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 GB/T 714
Steel for vehicle structure and wheels 330CL-590CL 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 YB/T 4151, Q/HG 047
SAPH310-SAPH440 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 027
QS+E340TM-QS+E500TM 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 036
Steel for gas cylinder and pressure vessel Q245R, Q345RM, Q370R 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 GB 713
HP235, HP265, HP295, HP325, HP345 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 035
EN standard non-alloy structural steel S235J (R, 0, 2)-S355J (R, 0, 2) 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 069
EN standard high strength cold-formed steel S315MC-S700MC 1000-2130 1.2-25.4 Q/HG 070
ANSON Hot-rolled Coils and Strips
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