Medium and Heavy Plate

The main products of Anson medium and heavy plate are carbon structural steel, high quality carbon structural steel, low alloy high strength steel plate, ship building plate, pipelines steel plate, steel plates with through-thickness characteristics, steel plate for automobile frames, bridge steel plate, boiler steel plate, etc. We offer both seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe on this product. 

Anson medium and heavy plate has a wide specification:
Thickness: 6-60mm
Width: 1500-3200mm
Length: 6000-18000mm

Anson medium and heavy steel plate has been applied into multiple industries, such as the construction industry, machinery manufacturing, vessel manufacturing, ship building, bridge construction and so on. With the outstanding quality steel plate, Anson medium and heavy plate has been applied to many major projects in China, such as the Yongjiang Bridge in Ningbo, the Olympic stadiums in Beijing, the Lisboa Hotel in Macau, the Nanjing Railway Station and so on.

ANSON Medium and Heavy Plate

Type Grade of steel Thickness
Standard Performance Application
Common carbon structural steel Q235A/B 8-90 GB/T 700-2006 Compare with the high quality carbon structural steel, the common carbon structural steel has less strict requirements for carbon content, performance range, and the limit of the residual elements such as phosphorus and sulphur. The number of the grade, 235, means the yield strength under 16mm is equal or greater than 235 MPa.
This kind of steel plate has been widely used for the welded, riveted or bolted steel structure equipment, manufacturing the metal components that can sustain static load, the minor mechanical parts that do not need thermal treatment and the common weldments.
Common Low Alloy Steel
Q345A/B 8-80 GB/T 1591-2008 Q345A/B steel is equivalent to the old Chinese grade “16Mn”. Compare with Q235 steel, the strength of the steel has increased 50MPa, but still keeps the same plasticity.
Yield strength:
≤16mm, greater than 345MPa;
16-40mm, greater than 335MPa;
40-63mm, greater than 325MPa;
63-80mm, greater than 315MPa.
The tensile strength is between 450MPa and 630MPa.
The elongation is greater than 17%.
The impact testing: Q345A doesn’t do the impact testing. Q345B does the test under the temperature of 20℃, and the result is greater than 34J.
The Q345A/B steel plate normally used for the common engineering components.
High Quality Carbon Steel
Q235C/D 8-80 GB/T 700-2006 The carbon content is less than 0.25%. The high quality carbon steel has low contents of P, S and the inclusions. Moreover, except Si, Mn, the high quality carbon steel doesn’t have other alloying elements (other than the impurities). The properties improvement of the high quality carbon steel mainly depends on the carbon elements. And the high quality carbon steel has better plasticity and toughness.
Among all kinds of high quality carbon steels, 20, 25 steel are low carbon steel. They have a good plasticity, which makes them easy to drawing, stamping, extruding, forging, and welding. 20 steel has the widest application. It often used to manufacture bolt, nut, washer, small axle, stamping parts and weldments, sometimes, it also be used to make carburized components. The hardness of 30, 45, 50 steel can be dramatically improved after quenching. And the 45 steel is the most typical one among them. The 45 steel not only has higher strength and hardness, but also maintain better plasticity and toughness. In another word, 45 steel has an excellent overall performance. 45 carbon steel has the widest application in mechanical structure manufacturing, It often used to manufacture axle, lead screw, wheel gear, connecting rod, jacket sleeve, key, the crucial screw and nut, etc.
20, 25 8-60 GB/T 711-2008
30, 45, 50 8-60 GB/T 711-2008 30, 40, 50 steel are medium carbon steel. Because of the pearlite content in the steel increased, the strength and rigidity of 30, 40, 50 steel are improved. Therefore, the 30, 40, 50 steel can be thermally processed.
Low Alloy Steel
Q345C/D/E 8-80 GB/T 1591-2008 The number of the grade means the minimum value of the yield strength under 16mm. The low alloy steel intends to improve the strength and toughness of the steel by adding a balanced amount of the alloying elements such as Mn, Nb, V, etc. Compare with the carbon structural steel, using the low alloy steel can reduce the size and weight of the structural parts.
The low alloy steel has been widely used for the construction of plants, normal buildings and all kinds of construction machinery, such as mining machinery, project construction machinery and its structural parts.
Q390B/C/D 8-70
Low Alloy High Strength Steel
Q420/Q460 8-60
Q550 8-60 The yield strength of the low alloy high strength steel is between 530MPa and 690MPa. Anson low alloy high strength steel adopts the low carbon bainitic technology, which insures good strength, roughness and welding performance.
Anson low alloy high strength steel is used to make the welded structures of the heavy machinery and mining machinery that can sustain the dynamic load.
Q690 8-50
Common Ship Building Plate
A/B/D 10-38 The certification of nine countries’ classification societies. (LR, GL, DNV, BV, NK, ABS, CCS, KR RINA)
There are A, B, D three grades of the steel which used for the general strength hull structure. These three grades of common ship plate share the same yield strength (no less than 235MPa) and tensile strength ( 400-520MPa). But the impact energy under different temperatures are different.
Used to make hull structures.
High Strength Ship Building Plate
A32/A36/D32/D36 10-38 The numbers after A, D, E represent different strength levels. 32 means the yield strength is no less than 315MPa, 36 means the yield strength is no less than 355MPa. The high strength ship plate has excellent impact toughness and welding performance.
E/E32/E36 10-50
Structural Steel Plate for Bridge Q345q-Q420qC/D/E 8-60 GB/T 714-2008 The strength grade of bridge plate is similar to low alloy steel, which shows excellent welding performance and impact toughness. Compare with low alloy steel, bridge plate has extra requirement of the carbon equivalent in the steel.
The structural parts for bridge building
Steel Plate for Building structure
Q345GJ-Q420GJ 8-60 GB/T 19879-2005 The strength grade of building structure plate is similar to low alloy steel, which has such performance as easy to weld, anti-seismic, low-temperature impact resistance, etc. The steel plate for building structure has extra requirements of the carbon equivalent and yield strength ratio of the steel plate.
It is mainly used to manufacture the structural parts, the structural connection, the embedded parts, roof and wall members and so on. These components are applied in large-scale construction engineering such as high-rise buildings, super high-rise buildings, long-span stadiums, airports, convention center, steel structure factory buildings, etc.
Steel for Boiler and Pressure Vessel
Q245R/Q345R (R-HIC) 8-70 GB 713-2008 Despite of the regular mechanical property requirements, Anson vessel plate requires remarkable high-temperature properties to insure the mechanical property of the vessel plate at high temperature. Moreover, Anson vessel plate has excellent welding performance and impact toughness.
Anson vessel plate has been widely applied in different industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, power station, boiler, etc. It has been used to make reactor, heat exchanger, separator, sphere, oil and gas storage tank, liquid gas storage tank, pressure vessel for nuclear reactor, boiler drum, gas cylinder for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), high pressure water pipe in hydropower stations, the spiral casing of water turbine, etc.
Q370R 8-70
16MnDR 8-70 GB 3531-2008
Pipelines Steel Plate
L245 (B)-L320 (X42) 8-40 GB/T 21237-2007 The yield strength is between 245MPa and 555MPa. Anson pipelines steel plate shows the characteristics as low yield strength ratio, high impact toughness and so on. Anson pipelines steel plate can be reliable at low temperatures. It is used for oil and gas pipeline construction.
L360 (X52)-L555 (X70) 8-40
(1) Product width: 1500-3200mm, product length:6000-18000mm; the sectional dimensions of the billet: 260*1900, maximum single billet weight: 13ton.
(2) The specifications of ship plate and vessel plate are based on the certifications Anson currently gets.
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