Hot Galvanized Plate

Anson hot galvanized plate has good quality of the galvanized surface. It shows a uniformed zinc pattern on the surface. Anson hot galvanized plate has been widely applied to make floor panels, corrugated sheet, plate for building structure, steel plate for household appliance.

Category Grade of steel Standard Application
Steel for common usage SGCC, SGHC Q/HG 007 Thickness: 0.3-4.0mm
Width: 900-2030mm
Zinc coating: 60-450g/m2
DX51D+Z GB/T 2518
Common structural steel SS33, SS37, SS40 Q/HG 017
SGH340, SGH400 Q/HG 007
S250GD+Z, S280GD+Z GB/T 2518
G250-G350 Q/HG 037
High strength structural steel S320GD+Z, S350GD+Z, S390GD+Z, S450GD+Z, S550GD+Z GB/T 2518
SGC490, SGC540, SGC570 Q/HG 007
SS50-1, SS60 Q/HG 017
G450, G550 Q/HG 037
Punching steel DX52D+Z-DX57D+Z GB/T 2518 Thickness: 0.3-2.5mm
Width: 900-2030mm
Zinc coating: 60-450g/m2
IF+P steel HX180YD+Z-HX260YD+Z
BH steel HX180BD+Z-HX300BD+Z
HSLA steel HX260LAD+Z-HX420LAD+Z
DP steel HC260/450DPD+Z-HC450/780DPD+Z
TRIP steel HC430/690TRD+Z, HC470/780TRD+Z
 ANSON Hot Galvanized Plate
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